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Who We Are. Politicrunch© definitively charts U.S. politics by averaging reputable election forecasters and poll aggregators to produce our own proprietary forecast models, and poll trackers. We are also the one stop shop for national and state-wide election results. With our interactive and easy-to-use electoral charts & maps, you've got all the key political information at your fingertips!

What We Do. Politicrunch is the Apex of Poll Aggregation©, tracking and processing public polling data from the major poll aggregators (e.g., FiveThirtyEight, RealClearPolitics, Huffpost Pollster), to show where the polls stand at given points in time and from a long-term standpoint. Our unique approach of Aggregating the Aggregators© presents a balanced, authoritative and unbiased perspective on underlying polling and election forecast data.

Usability. With minimal effort, our interactive content can be attuned to your preference(s) by toggling between views, for maximum usefulness. No need to be a political scientist, pollster and/or statistician to use politicrunch, so have some fun, and tinker away! If you have a question and/or comment, please contact us.

Video. We link to all the latest political news clips for your viewing pleasure. Keep up with current events in U.S. politics so that you can make informed assumptions, and even your own predictions, about the polls, forecasts, and upcoming elections!

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Politicrunch currently covers President Trump's approval rating and previously tracked the polls for the 2018 congressional generic ballot. As the 2020 primary elecitons get underway we will be adding a Democratic primary poll tracker. It's not yet clear if President Trump will have Republican primary challengers, but given his precipitous rise in disapproval recently, the potential for a contested GOP primary looks more and more likely by the day. In any case, we will feature a 2020 Presidential election poll tracker this summer when each major party officially chooses its nominee for President of the United States. Check back early and often as we rapidly add to our polling content in the coming months heading into arguably the most consequential Presidential election of our lifetime!

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2018 | U.S. Senator Elections

In 2018, Senate Democrats were up against one of the most challenging electoral maps in recent memory with key elections in scarlet Trump country. In the end, Republicans flipped 4 blue seats red in Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota. Surprisingly though, Democrats managed to flip 2 red seats blue in Arizona and Nevada, thus leading to a net gain of 2 seats for Republicans. Certainly not a poor showing, but also not as big a win as was expected for the GOP.

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2018 | House Midterm Elections

The 2018 midterms were nothing if not a Blue Wave for Democrats whose historic gains resulted in the House flipping to solid Democratic control. After nearly two years of the Trump administration, the Democratic base's pent-up political energy was unleashed across the nation not only in predictably blue areas but also in heavily Republican leaning districts.

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2018 | State Governors Races

Democrats won big in State Governors Races from Nevada to Maine, kicking Republicans out of the Governor's Mansions in 7 states. Of particular note, incumbents Scott Walker (R) and Bruce Rauner (R), lost their reelection bids in Wisconsin and Illinois, respectively. Also, former vice chairman of President Trump's defunct voter fraud commission, Kris Kobach (R), was also defeated in the Kansas Governor Race. The Republicans flipped only 1 state, wresting the Alaska Governor's Office from its Independent occupant.

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